An experienced narrative designer and games writer

I’m Ben, a freelance narrative designer and games writer with multiple commercially shipped games under my belt.

I've worked for a number of clients, with the bulk of my work being with Fusebox Games on Love Island: The Game, in association with ITV.

My responsibilities have been scriptwriting, character creation, designing main and side plotlines, leading narrative teams, coordinating with other departments, developing and implementing new narrative design techniques, and rapidly prototyping new game and story ideas.

I have four commercially shipped games to my name, with the latest being one I was Lead Narrative Designer on. I'm also working on several other games (under NDA), 

I'm always looking for more clients to work with or opportunities to do talks/podcasts, so get in touch and let's talk.

My Games

Lead Narrative Designer 

Love Island: Boat Party


Narrative Designer 

Love Island: Season 2

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Writer/VO Director

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Narrative Designer 

Love Island: Season 3

Narrative Designer 
Love Island: The Wedding​

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Freelance Writer



Ben has demonstrated that he is a formidable writing and designing talent. He creatively balances writing original content for a well-known, long-running IP with the challenges of keeping it fresh, ensuring that it is sensitive to the needs of its players, and introducing both moving and humorous storylines to what could risk being rather lightweight subject matter. Outside his work, he makes a point of sharing his knowledge and skills with others in the industry - being involved in mentoring schemes such as Limit Break, and regularly attending industry events. As one of his peers - it's always a pleasure to encounter him at such events, and I find our discussions about working in games invigorating and informative.

Olivia Wood: Narrative Designer and Writer at Failbetter Games

Ben is one of those people that you feel lucky to have met. He's a talented writer and designer with a bizarre sense of humour that finds its way into every corner of his work. He has a genuine compassion for his colleagues and for his audience, and a deep commitment to the values of inclusivity and representation. It's been a pleasure to see him come into his powers and he's a core contributor on every project he's involved in.

Ed Sibly: Narrative Director at Netspeak

With his work, Ben has established himself as an experienced and balanced voice in the world of videogame narrative. Beyond his professional credits, Ben has taken an active role in the narrative community as a voice for inclusivity and progress. He is committed to improving the ways that narrative can be delivered in video games.

Andrew Walsh: Freelance Writer and Head of Writers Guild (Great Britain: Games)

Ben is a fantastic Narrative Designer at Fusebox Games. He is considerate and compassionate with his work and his pun fuelled humour, which never fails to get the team laughing. Working with Ben for the past 3 years has been an absolute pleasure. He has worked hard with the team to make Love Island The Game the best it can be. Ben is an invaluable colleague, a great narrative designer, and a generally awesome presence to be around.

Frankie Wakefield: Lead Narrative Designer at Fusebox Games


You can contact me on my twitter or linkedin via the links below.

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